Focused Standard: 1st Grade English

The standard that I am using as a target of focus this semester is of First grade English. There are three different focuses in this standard: Oral Language, Reading, and Writing. I will be focusing specifically on Writing. There are three standards listed under this section:

1.12  The student will print legibly.

    1. a)  Form letters accurately.
    2. b)  Space words within sentences.
    3. c)  Use the alphabetic code to write unknown words phonetically.

      1.13  The student will write to communicate ideas for a variety of purposes.

      1. a)  Generate ideas.
      2. b)  Focus on one topic.
      3. c)  Revise by adding descriptive words when writing about people, places, things, and events.
      4. d)  Use complete sentences in final copies.
      5. e)  Begin each sentence with a capital letter and use ending punctuation in final copies.
      6. f)  Use correct spelling for commonly used sight words and phonetically regular words in final copies.
      7. g)  Share writing with others.

        1.14  The student will use available technology for reading and writing.


The way that I will be linking the 4C’s to this standard are:

Critical Thinking: The students will be asked to revise written works on paper and online. They will be asked to read through, identify mistakes, and asked to correct them by filling in the correct answer. This will help them read, revise, and think critically all while improving their revision, spelling, and reading skills. This will mainly touch on 1.13.

Collaboration: Students will have access to the SmartBoard during school hours, where assignments will be posted for everyone in the class to see. They will be able to work with their group using whatever is displayed on the SmartBoard to help them with their work. This mainly touches on 1.14.

Communication: Students will be able to learn how to identify letters on the keyboard so they are able to type out any assignments if needed. This will mainly touch on 1.12 and 1.14.

Creativity: Students will be able to use programs on the computer to write their own stories. It doesn’t have to be too long. They will be in charge of writing a completely unique story and they will also be able to illustrate the story once they have revised it and printed it out. This will mainly touch on 1.14, as they will be using technology by writing their stories using the computer program.



Source for Information: VDOE


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