Extracurricular empowerment: Scott McLeod at TEDxDesMoines

Technology has advanced so much within the last 15 years! I remember having a big clunky computer in the corner of my room and I remember how long I had to wait to use the internet and make sure no one would take a phone call when I was trying to use the internet. I never had any formal training on how to use the computer though, I wish I would have gotten some instruction or assistance back then so I could be more proficient now! One thing I got from this video is that educating students on the correct use of technology is vital to the learning experience, especially with all of the new advances in technology! Teachers worry too much about students using social media in class, that they banish phones in the room. Banishing phones in classrooms never really work, however, if you were to find a way to incorporate them into your lesson plan, than maybe you could reduce the use of social media within your classrooms!

By banning technology all together in the classrooms, or limiting the usage of it, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your students. In order for students to thrive and to maximize their schooling experiences is to keep up to date with how the outside world, outside of schools, is functioning in terms of how workplaces are run. A lot of businesses have switched over from manual cash registers, or paper and pencil, to digital apps that basically keep all records of all store activities, and tablets and so on. So, in order to prepare the students for their futures, you should allow them to use devices in the classrooms, to keep up with the world! There are tons of lesson plans out there, or training courses teachers can take in order to learn how to successfully incorporate technology into your school day.

Also, it’s very important for teachers to educate students on safe internet usage. Commonsense.org gave a great training course to educate educators on how to do just that. Students should be given proper lessons on how to navigate on different devices, and also how to properly use different devices. There are websites like Netsmartz.org and Ilearntechnology.com that have great options that students can select to learn about internet safety. Educating is key, and if it’s in a  fun way than that’s even better because it will captivate the students attention and they will remember what they learned, rather than let it come in one ear and out the next!


The links are listed below if you’d like to check out these sites:

TED Speaker Link  Ilearntechnology  Netsmartz  Commonsensemedia Educator Online Training



3 thoughts on “Extracurricular empowerment: Scott McLeod at TEDxDesMoines

  1. Ha, Roheanna, I remember dial-up internet and AOL. I think my parents still pay for AOL. but as you mention that is not the technology of the future. Companies are changing, and technology is constantly improving, so to echo what you said, it is critical that we teach the students how to use technology. Also, thanks for sharing the links to those websites with resources on how to keep kids safe online and teach responsible internet usage.


  2. Roheanna,

    Thanks for including the websites that teachers can go to find training on how to teach students to be safe when navigating the web. I agree with what you said about banning technology being a disservice to students and teachers. There are so many ways in which technology can be helpful for creating a visually stimulating format for learning, but why are we getting rid of it? I think the answer lies in the kind of training and education we have for preparing our students for being safe on the Internet.


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