Generation Like


How does understanding how children use the Social Web prepare us for our instruction in the classroom?

I think it is important for anyone dealing with children to know how they project themselves to the world. A quote from the video “A profile picture is kind of like how you want people to visualize you, you put your best foot forward and a cover photo is about your personality.” (In reference to Facebook). Students now-a-days put a lot of effort on presenting their best side to the world and hiding anything that might make them seem like an outsider or “not cool”. My generation is something like a mix of that, however I use my social media accounts to share memories/events with friends and family. I don’t usually worry about the type of photo, of the time I post it (yes, there is such a thing as prime time posting time on social media accounts to maximize the amount of likes they get on a photo.) I’ve noticed that a majority of the focus on the social web for youngsters is on aesthetics. People like to see pretty, neat, and organized things. Something to focus on in the classroom to tie aesthetics and instruction together is the presentation of material in the classroom. There’s a site called Teachers Pay Teachers, where teachers come together and provide fun fonts and printouts for other teachers to use, to amp up the aesthetic appeal of materials and decorations in the classroom. I think it’s important to create a nice looking learning environment so that students will enjoy coming to school and enjoy learning. I also use my own personal social media accounts to follow different teachers and I’ve noticed that some of the most successful accounts on Instagram are those who have nice classrooms and provide creative lesson plan ideas. They also post reviews on how their students respond to the aesthetically pleasing environment and lessons, and it’s always positive! I think that to be successful in the classroom with the students, it’s important to stay up to date with the current trends in education and find ways to relate it to the students interests. Students always get excited when they hear that the content is related to something they’re familiar with, like a show or game, especially the younger ones in elementary school! Overall, it’s important for teachers and higher administration to stay connected with current trends on social media so that they can keep up with their students!

Generation Like Video


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