Digital Youth and Howard Gardner

Digital Youth and Howard Gardner

This video points out some interesting topics about the effect technology has made on today’s evolving youth. Three interesting questions about this video are listed below with some insight on my behalf about them.

1. What are specific ethical issues you see kids struggling when they use digital media?

In todays evolving technological society, an ethical issue I see popping up are the various social media accounts. I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite when talking about inappropriate accounts, because who doesn’t follow funny meme accounts for good laugh; Although, the people in the memes might have a different opinion! I feel bad for those who have their faces plastered all over the internet due to others using their cameras looking to make a funny meme. No one can do anything goofy or silly in public anymore without risking someone random recording it and having it go viral on various social media platforms. Also, even if you’re doing something normal, with all of the editing apps today, people can turn you into the next viral video without you even doing anything wrong! This is where the question of ethics comes about, is it ethical to post embarrassing photos and videos of people online? Why don’t people consider others feelings? I think that it’s important for people to consider others feelings, instead of just thinking of the hits or views they’ll get for their post. What’s more important, an innocent persons feelings (who you may or may not know), or your own fame (which isn’t guaranteed)?

2. How is our sense of identity changing in the digital world? How can adults learn from kids and guide them at the same time?

I think that our sense of identity is just now starting to become somewhat relevant in the digital world, and people are starting to morph into what they’ve displayed themselves as online. I personally never viewed my actual identity as any different than my digital identity. I think that what you post online should be what you really are, but then again, everyones different. I know people who only post certain photos online with certain filters and photoshop applications. I find it silly that they do this, because they’re completely different then what they portray themselves as online! I think that adults can jump in and guide youngsters into be more authentic in their online presence. I think it’s important for the youth of today to learn that what they see online isn’t at all 100% authentic, they need to know that a photo is worth 1000 words and also a lot of effort goes into getting one perfect photo. The youth of today can teach adults how to use the updated technology, they can also teach them how to visualize their interest, using apps like Pinterest and etc. There are apps that help people get organized which adults can benefit from! Both the youth and adults can learn from each other, they just have to make sure to heed the information!

3. How does teaching and learning change in a world where information is at your fingertips?

Teaching and learning have both changed dramatically with the evolving technology of today. I think that since information is so easily and so readily available to people now a days, that teachers have to take information and turn it into something that students will understand, rather than just memorize. In my day, a lot of the learning for me was just memorizing, and in my teacher preparation program we are being taught how to apply information and how to instill information in students brains so that they learn to understand it better. We are also being taught how to accommodate each student and their learning styles. You can’t google how to teach different students the same information, so there’s a lot of effort and emphasis being placed on teachers thought processes, and the different types of learners. Students are now being challenged with different types of learning activities within the classroom so that they are actively engaged and not just memorizing information. It’s easy for a student to whip out a smartphone during an exam and google the answers, however, assigning a student an engaging project in order for them to display their knowledge is a whole other task in itself. Having students create projects using technology, or other forms of creative material, urges students to think outside of the box, which is the goal of the new era of teaching for instructors in the classroom. With information being so widely available now a days, the approach to teaching and learning has become way more personal with an emphasis on the students and the way information is taught. Teachers need more background in Psychology in order to learn about different types of students and different ways to approach them!



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